Welcome to The Full Gull !

One summer day in Prague in ‘90 or ‘91, I took a seat in a Ceskoslovenske Aerolinie Tupolev 134, heading to Geneva. It must have have made a strong impression on me, because here we are today…

Hi, I’m that Philippe, I created The Full Gull in october 2014, initially to share aviation pictures with my friends, as a way to practice my English, and get better at storytelling.

My plane spotting debut goes back to 2004, when I started taking the family point-and-shoot to Prague airport. It was ugly, for quite a while. But going up the learning curve along with my cousin Matus and my friend Keishi made it a lot of fun.

Today, I live in Grenoble, where my current go-to airport is Geneva. When I get the chance to travel, I always make some time for planespotting, and when it makes for a good post, you’ll see it here.

What’s next

In 2016, we did a first guest post with Cathy McCullough, a former 747 captain, who was kind enough to share a few stories from the flight deck, you can find the first part here. I want to publish more stories from pilots and other folks from aviation in the future. So more of that is coming!

There are so many scenes yet to explore, like misty morning Munich, LAX In-and-Out or Osaka Itami and I’m very excited about what’s coming next!

Blogs worth seeing

I enjoy the JetHead blog or the Hushkit blog that give a good peek into the cockpit life. I recently discovered John Saddington, I who has a vivid writing style and an ability to convey a message in a few sentences. Talesfromtheterminal by Jenifer is also a fun and well written must read for any jet engine sound head turner. And if you happen to speak czech, there’s the great “Letecke stripky” series on planes.cz. Oh, and if you have an aviation blog, send me a link, I’d love to check it out!

You can find me on Twitter @thefullgull and Instagram @thefullgull. Normally I have a new article every week, and more if there is more happening… Thanks for your visit, I hope you enjoy it here.